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Posted by Zespół Manifo on 10 January 2012 02:23 PM

Text element is one of the basic elements and as the name suggests – it is used for adding text on the page.
As soon as you’ve added an element you can start changing it. Go to editing – an upper menu will appear, which contains useful settings and formatting for text editing.

Text formatting

When editing mark the text – all of it or a part – you can then freely change it by using:
Bold – the text will be in bold
Italics – the text will be in italics
Underlining – the text will be underlined
Crossing – the text will be crossed
Font color – e.g. the text will be in blue
Highlighting color – e.g. the text will be highlighted in blue

Format – Here you have header options, in default settings every text is a paragraph
Font type – Every template you chose has a default font. You can change it by marking the text and choosing a font
Font size – You can choose any font size

Bulleted and numbered lists

You can also use bulleted and numbered lists:

Effects of numbering:

  1. Numbered list

  2. another point

  3. and another one

Effects of bulleting:

  • Bulleted list

  • another point

  • and another one


Every line can be freely aligned, e.g. to the left, to the middle and to the right and justified:
Justification means aligning a text to the left and right at the same time – so that the text looks uniform throughout the text width.

Link and a line in a text

When editing you can add a link or a line.
Link additions is described in detail in help: how to add a text link.

Format removal

You can remove formatting that has been used any time – all you need to do is mark a text and click “remove formatting”.

Text pasting

Pasting texts from software such as MS Word is possible, but manifo has to remove some formatting. This happens because Word uses its own text formatting not applicable in websites. It is best to save a text as simple text before copying it and pasting to manifo.


In each element you can add spacing – you have two types to choose from: external spacing and internal spacing

The difference is best visible when a given element has a background set:

See also element appearance managing

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