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Posted by Zespół Manifo on 10 January 2012 03:12 PM

To edit content – update Blog, go to its administration: see how to go to administration.

In Administration you have the following tabs at your disposal:

  1. Posts

  2. Categories

  3. Tags


  5. Settings


Ad 1. Posts




You can find a list of all posts in this tab.

Here you can edit already added and add new post.


Each entry might have one of the following statuses:

Published – it means that the post is visible on the website

Draft – it is a working version of a post and it is NOT visible for users


Post adding:

Adding relies on entering a title and post content. Nothing more is required but you can also determine categories in which a post is to be accessible and add key words (tags). Moreover, you can place a video, images, links or charts in your post content.


Post edit:

To edit the post previously added – click on the list on its title – you will go to edit. You can edit all which has been antecedently set/added. In addition, a link will occur under which the post is accessible – you can edit it, too.



Each post added will occur automatically on blog – you do not have to publish the website each time.


Ad 2. Categories


Here you can add and manage posts categories. You can set parent category and URL during edit.


Ad 3. Tags


You manage tags here – key words from your posts.

You can add a tag in two ways – in this tab or during adding of a new post.


Ad 4. Comments


Comments tab displays comments from all posts – including those waiting for confirmation (in case of moderation on).




You can reject or accept each comment – rejected comments will not be visible for users.

E-mail address and a website are also visible on the website with comments. E-mail address is just visible in Administration – the rest of the users will not see it on the website.


Ad 5. Settings


In settings you can:

  • turn on or turn off email notices of new comments,

  • turn on or turn off commenting Your posts,

  • turn on or turn off comments moderation - if you turn it off, everyone will be able to comment posts without their prior checking

(initially we recommend comments moderation on)

In this tab you can also edit default texts settings used in Blog application.



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