Recommended widgets
Posted by Zespół Manifo on 10 January 2012 10:23 AM

If you want to use all functions of manifo editor – apply HTML element. Thanks to it you can add various widgets to your website.


Widget is a small program you can place on your website. In most cases it is enough to copy
a proper code on the website with a widget and then paste it to HTML element (you can read here how to do it).


You can find a great number of various widgets on the Internet. We recommend in particular:



On Facebook you can find “I like it” buttons, Comments, Labels and many others: 



In order to place comments on your website, you can use the widget from Facebook or a great system of comments from Disqus (website in English): 


Wizard of Skype button



You can add various buttons such as ‘Send your friends’, ‘Print’, ‘Kick off’, etc. A huge number of buttons for selection, also for social networking services:


A group of diverse widgets:

If you search for other widgets, we recommend a website with a very large collection:


All the above-mentioned widgets are free of charge.

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