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Posted by Zespół Manifo on 10 January 2012 02:22 PM

You can add your own image or choose one from our gallery.
After dragging an image on the page a window will appear:

You can upload an image from your computer, choose from an available gallery or provide a direct link to an image – to do this go to “Image from URL”.

Each added image adjusts to the zone width, i.e. if you add a very big image which is wider than the zone, the image will change its size proportionally to fit in a given zone. Of course, after adding an image you can change its size by entering editing.

Images are edited similarly to text elements – click an image and choose “Edit”, a menu will appear at the top:

In the upper menu you can change the edited image – click “Change image”.

Image description

A description can be added to any image:

A window will appear in which you type description:

The added description will appear on the site below the image:

Image reducing and enlarging

Each image can be reduced in size and enlarged – click plus or minus icon:

You can enlarge an image to the zone width at the maximum – when you reach the maximum size a message will appear:

An image as a link

You can set your image to be a link to another site – it is described in detail in help: How to add a graphic link

Reset an image to its default size

You may restore original image size at all times by clicking the reset icon:

The only limitation is the width of a given zone – the image will adjust to the maximum width of a given zone.

Image border

Image border adds edges to an image. You can choose the thickness and color of the edges:

Th effect of large border with color:

Image alignment

Alignment can be used to place an image to the left, to the middle or to the right:


In each element you can add spacing – you have two types to choose from: external spacing and internal spacing:

The difference is best visible when a given element has a background set

See also element appearance managing

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